Yes, you read it right! You won't need anything else for your plants. Just one organic fertilizer to fulfill all your hydroponics needs.


Looking for a chemical-free unadulterated 100% Organic easy to use Fertilizer?

Look no further!

We bring you one of the finest and nutritionally Rich & Balanced All in one concentrated liquid Organic fertilizer which has the best balance of nutrients derived from organic materials and nature. It helps maintain soil structure, improve plant growth, improve flowering & fruiting and act as a natural fungicide. Not only that but our product can be used as a hydroponics system fertilizer. This makes our product extremely unique as no other product has these elements & features naturally.

With the ease of use of a water-based fertilizer and 5x faster results as compared to vermicompost, manure & seaweed our liquid fertilizer provides the most optimum balanced nutrition for your beloved plants.


  • 100% Organic & Natural
  • 5x faster results than vermicompost & manure
  • Suitable as an organic hydroponics fertilizer as well
  • Boosts plant growth
  • Build us plants immunity against diseases & Protects From insects and fungus
  • Easy to use, can be sprayed or poured
  • Highly Concentrated i.e. very less quantity required per dose ( Check Dosage Below )
  • Improves Soil structure drastically




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Fresh Essentials Organics liquid Fertilizer for hydroponics and regular use 5L

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹629.00Sale Price
    • For Drenching/Pouring


    Dilute 200ml solution in 1 Litre of water.

    ( Pour/ drench the plant with the same quantity of diluted solution that you used to water the plant )

    For Example - If you water your potted plant with 500ml of water every day then give only 500ml of diluted solution to the same plant every 10th day. You can drench multiple plants with the same 1 Litre solution.


    • For Spraying


    Dilute 100 ml of solution in 1 litre of water and spray directly on leaves and stems. Spray on the entire plant only once. You can use the 1 Litre solution on multiple plants at a time.


    • For best results


    Drenching together with spraying on the same plant will give faster results. Repeat application every 10 days.