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We bring you one of the finest and nutritionally Rich & Balanced, All in one concentrated liquid Organic growth booster which has the best balance of nutrients derived from organic materials and nature. It helps maintain soil structure, drastically improves plant growth & nutrients absorption. Not only that but our product can be used as a hydroponics system fertilizer. This makes our product extremely unique as no other product has these elements & features naturally.




  • Promotes growth of new & healthy White roots & shoots.
  • Hydroponics Compatible
  • 5x faster growth promotes the growth of new white roots & shoots
  • Increase nutrients absorption & Improves Soil structure drastically
  • All-purpose plant growth booster fertilizer
  • Suitable for all types of flowering, fruiting, show & succulent plants
  • Can be used both indoors & outdoors
  • Builds plant immunity against diseases & Protects From insects and fungus
  • Easy to use, can be sprayed or poured. Highly Concentrated i.e very less quantity required per dose


Increased Nutrient Uptake

The most prominent and well-known benefit of humic (and fulvic) acids is how they increase nutrient uptake in plants. This is why they make such an excellent soil amendment, and it’s why they pair so wonderfully with fertilizers. Without humic acids present, some of the nutrients provided by fertilizers become inaccessible to plants, so money is lost and plant health suffers. Thus, humic acids are vital for both the health of plants and for growers’ economic well-being.


Toxin-Free Plants

They also chelate harmful toxins in the soil, preventing them from entering the plant. This benefit is particularly important in today’s soil environments, where countless toxins have been introduced over many years, namely pesticides and heavy metals.


Better biological activity


One of the most noticeable and impactful benefits of humic acids is their impact on microbial populations in the soil. Scientists are increasingly realizing how important a healthy microbiome is to soil environments. And many bacteria populations have been decimated by poor soils and pesticides, so it’s imperative that they be restored. Humic acids aid the growth of microbial populations in two primary ways. First, they provide a source of carbon which serves as a food source for microbes. Secondly, due to their large size, they provide a source for microflora to colonize. So essentially humic acids provide food and shelter to beneficial microbes, which explains why microbial populations flourish in the presence of humic acids.


Good soil means Healthy Plants


Although humic acid has a net negative charge, it carries both positive and negative charges. And it has a very large molecular size. Because of these properties, humic acids are able to bond to all soil particles, which creates the necessary space for microbes and healthy root growth. This is especially noticeable in high-clay and compacted soils, where soil particles are bound tightly together. Humic molecules are even capable of standing clay particles on end, which allows more space and water penetration. Further, they remove salts from clay, which restores a negative charge from the clay particles, forcing them apart.


Fewer water requirements


Humic acids have the very unique ability to increase water retention in soils. In the world’s changing climate, this is becoming more important as ecosystems become strained. It’s also vital for sandy, arid, and low-clay soils.

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